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We've only been here a couple of days but already I like this place much better than the other place.

For one, it's filled with TREES. Trees of several different varieties. Just in our area alone I've identified cottonwoods, possibly poplars, different kinds of pine. This has made us both realize how sterile the other place was. If a resident didn't plant it, there wasn't much of anything. We were lucky there in having a fairly old-growth tree growing in our neighbor's yard that overhung their fence. While the lots are larger there, they are generally filled with nothing. Our old neighbors across the street were lucky enough to "inherit" several trees and other foliage, but they've neglected it all since moving in. I'm glad I won't be around to watch things slowly die off, anymore.

It's very quiet here as well. Even with Independence Day coming up, I've heard relatively little in the way of fireworks. A few large rockets. A Roman Candle here and there. Small fircrackers set off in strings. For the most part, it's been quiet and quite peaceful.

We're still near enough to the train to hear it but that's true for a goodly share of residents in this town. I don't hear the highway like I used to, though if the wind switches to the right direction I can hear the noisier big rigs and occasional motorcycle. Nothing like where we were living before.

This place is more real somehow, perhaps because most of the residents aren't what I'd term relatively well-off. From what I've seen so far, we have a lot of working families, disabled people, and others on fixed incomes. Though some of the mobile homes are in rough shape I don't get a sense of dread or danger, probably because the "lower elements" have enough sense not to do bad things right where they live. They also have security out here and just the other night, I saw one of their number rolling through.

This is a gated community which means not every tom, dick or mary can just come waltzing through. They need a clicker, need to be able to be let in by someone in the park, or have to follow a resident in. Granted, some could simply follow someone else in but it doesn't seem to be that big of a problem.

I feel at peace here in a way I didn't ever feel at the other place, and a lot has to do with the owners and the residents that are here. Nobody is pretentious. Nobody is, pardon the expression, "lily white", if you know what I mean. Sure, some folks have nicer digs and nicer cars but I don't get the impression of anyone feeling they're so much better than anyone else.

Residency is a very mixed bag of white, spanish american, african american. I haven't seen any asian yet but they could be here. It's a cornucopia and I like that.

This place is big enough that it could be considered a small town of its own and I feel like we fit right in. Some people referred to us as "hippies" at the other place; I have the feeling that nobody would ever say that about us here.

Even the cats seem to be more relaxed.


Jun. 20th, 2012 01:28 pm
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Well, we found a rental. It isn't the most elegant place, but it's nice, and it has a fireplace. We go tomorrow to do a walk-through and see all what has to be fixed before we move in, hopefully right before July 1st. If we can get in before July 1, we won't have to pay the grizzled old lady a dime.

We also found out that she's now responsible for the lot rent, according to our park manager.

We're moving into a HUGE park (something like 350 units). Our house is on the very back of the lot and both lots aside of it are empty. They have cable there, so we can also ditch our unreliable DSL. If we have to, we'll get the business plan, just to make sure we don't hit any caps, because word has it that Comcast will terminate you if you hit their cap even once.

It has a swamp cooler, which I'm not very thrilled about. I still have the window air conditioner from my house in Wisconsin, and that cooled 800 square feet fairly well, so we can supplement with it if we need to. All I know is we ran around in the heat yesterday (park owner wanted to show us ALL the units, even though we said we'd already decided on the last one) and then I sat in their swamp-cooled office and didn't really get any relief till I got home into A/C. We might do the "floor unit" type of air conditioner too. In other words, we do have options.

My room isn't big enough for my bed and my computer so I get to set up out in the living room. There are tall windows on the front, with smaller crank-out windows with screens in them. It's going to be fantastic for ventilation.

The outside is kind of beat up but we aren't buying the place and the owner is responsible for all repairs. We are going tomorrow morning to sign the lease, pay our deposits, and take a walk-through to see what has to be fixed up prior to moving in.

The owner would like us to buy the place but it's old and it's seen better days. Out of the three we looked at however, it was in the best shape. The other two were dumps in my opinion and I wouldn't have lived in them.

I love the fireplace. I love the open floorplan in front with the living room and kitchen, and I especially love those front windows. I don't mind a few dings here and dents there, as long as everything is safe and works.

We have to get a gas dryer - they don't do electrical dryers. The cheapest I've found for the size we need is 539.00 at Lowe's. It's a Whirlpool, which is the "root" brand of Sears Kenmore. I've had Kenmore appliances for years and years. Our current washer/dryer set are roughly 16 years old and I've had exactly one maintenance call, and that was at the very beginning when I did something stupid and it wouldn't drain. They're tough and worth every penny.

I am DEFINITELY looking forward to cooking with gas, again. I don't like cooking with electric nearly as much.

It also doesn't have a microwave. I have a very old one but I'd like to get a newer one. I'm somewhat suspicious of the old one using too much electricity and leaking too many microwaves.

All I know is my mind is now at rest. We have a place to go, and we have folks that will help us move there.



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