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...going to keep happening for awhile. Some of this is old shit so if you don't want to read it again, skip over this entry....

We've been out of the house long enough now for the major effects of the stress to subside, and today, I began mourning what we lost.

We lost a house we had plans and dreams for, which turned out to be a wreck.

I lost over 50K that I invested in it before Queen Bitch of Hell took it from me.

Another bitch, known as the Oathbreaker, stole certain irreplaceable items from me, and that of all things, is what bothers me the most.

I can eventually get over the loss of the house and the money invested in it - after all, it's just a 'thing' and the money isn't as important as many other things in life........however, losing certain irreplaceable objects to a certain Oathbreaker has left a lasting wound in my heart.

The only consolation I have is she will continue to experience extremely bad luck, including physical injury, till she returns them. If she's sold them off for her own benefit she will never be free of the bad luck. It's her payment for what she has done.

I am visualizing a plain box on my porch, probably delivered by UPS, which is unusually heavy. In it are some - or all - of the things she stole from me.

I hope to see that box soon, because if I don't, it'll take a long time for that wound in my heart to scab over, and in the meanwhile, the one who stole the items will never achieve success, will continue to lose friends and loved ones, will never realize her dreams. That's little comfort to me, who would rather have the items back and feel whole again.
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