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Yesterday was horrendous. It was 110F out there, and our swamp cooler just got overwhelmed.

On top of it we thought two of our cats had escaped. We had a piece of cardboard wedged in the window next to the air conditioner in my room and when Michael came to turn it on early in the afternoon, the cardboard was on the floor. I did a couple of turns around the house in the heat and it didn't take much to overwhelm me. Thankfully, both were still in the house. Smart kitties!

We haven't unpacked much yet, between trying to heal and the heat. Hopefully we can get to more of it soon.

Right now it is a refreshing 93F outside with rain moving in. Been praying for the rain, because it'll break this hot spell.

Other than that, I've been slowly healing from the move. Sleeping a lot. Chilling a lot. Watching the neighbors from our tiny porch (it's big enough for one small chair).

I had to laugh yesterday. I was out there, having a cig, when the neighbor's puppy decided to visit me. He's really goofy, looks like some sort of akita mix, with blue eyes; his right eye looks goofed up. Other than the eyes, he's coal black with a white spot on the chest. He sits on my little porch and literally leans against the wall. I had to yell to the kids to come get him.

A little while later, one of the boys came and knocked on my door to ask me if I had a son (obviously to come play with them). I was sad to tell him I don't.

Taking it easy today after sleeping over 12 hours and hoping the rain washes away the heat wave.
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