Mar. 27th, 2012

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The Kern County Tax Assessor is insisting we owe a lot more in back liens than the amount listed on my crdit report.

They also have the mistaken idea this mobile home is somehow worth 67K, when the 4-bedroom, well-maintained, with fireplace doublewide across the street sold for 18K. The one next door to it, also well-maintained, is selling for $12K.

The nightmares just keep on a-coming....

In other news, I have to call the VA and talk to Records. I need to get the appeal file number for my appeal a couple of years ago. Got a local lawyer that is looking into taking the case for a percentage of my return.

Our forward motion is running in place, for now, and that does not make me feel any better.

FWIW, I wrote a letter to Bette, with copies to her lawyer, our lawyer, and her son, outlining the situation, and what she must do to legally possess this house. If she refuses to follow the very simple steps, then she's shit out of luck, and she can kiss my ass.

She has to (1) pay the tax liens, (2) get Norman to actually sign the physical title over to her, and (3) get my name off as registered owner.

I'm wondering if I can sue Norman after the dust settles and we're safely into the new home.

For one, it has structural damage they attempted to cover up. There appears to be a crack which goes all the way to the roof; the visible part of it in Michael's bedroom leaks every time we get a decent rainstorm. It was recently discovered that more water is making its way between the walls because mold is developing in Michael's closet.

The toilet in the front bathroom has been non-operational virtually since we moved in. Norman's crew came and replaced the wax ring, but they did not replace the toilet itself. We discovered that the rubber seals on the tank are completely gone. Michael has to flush it with a bucket.

Back when I first had this security agreement with them, David Wright called me and told me he "had to put it into my name to get me into the park." Since we were essentially in a rental situation those first two years, with our rent based on 12% of the remaining balance, my name should never have been listed as registered owner and I should not have paid property taxes. Wright failed to explain to me just what "putting my name on it" entailed. That brings us to the current situation, where Kern County is trying to tell me I owe roughly $1200 more than my credit report says, and tells me my name won't be removed till it's all paid.

My security agreement said nothing about putting the property in my name and making me responsible for the taxes.

All I know is I want out of this place before it collapses around our very ears. I want to be in the new house, with a traditional mortgage, a PITI payment, so I don't have to worry about these things, just make my payment every month.

I want nothing whatsoever to do with the people wrangling over this mobile home, ever again, except possibly in court for fraud and harassment.


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