Jan. 29th, 2012

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Let me tell you a little story...

There was this girl - I won't call her a woman, because her attitude bespeaks a girl - who was moving from Georgia to California to be nearer her son, who is staying with his father. She needed a place to stay, because she claimed that she used her moving money on lawyers dealing with child custody. This was sometime in June of last year.

We provided her a home, took her into our hearts, and under the auspices of the Temple. She journeyed back to Georgia in September, ostensibly to close on her condo there and wrap up some financial matters. She returned in late September and stayed with us, for the most part, through last Friday.

Why did she leave last Friday? Well, during this entire time, she didn't pay us much for using our water, our electricity, our Internet...she did occasionally buy us some groceries with the food stamps she got on General Relief. She kept claiming that her bank card wouldn't work. She borrowed money to get medication. She ate up Internet bandwidth, pushing us into overage at $10 bucks per 50gb, ostensibly uploading and downloading mainly for work. She put a lot of wear and tear on my washer and dryer which, while being a good brand, aren't all that new, doing half-loads of laundry, instead of combining her things with some of ours to save wear and tear, water and electricity.

Our electric bill went up $200 per month. Water went up $20-30 per month. We went through at least 2 "blocks" of Internet overage every month. That's not including money borrowed, gas spent running her all over (she can't drive due to seizures), etc., etc.

All and all, she spent a couple thousand at our expense. Last week, we finally confronted her about getting us some money. We'd pretty much spent anything we'd saved back and things were getting tight. She told us she would talk to her friend in Georgia, and get some money. Allegedly this friend came through and she was going to give us $175. Well, she finally got to the store and took out $80 but we didn't see a dime of it. Two days later, she moved out on us while we were sleeping, going so far as to take the bells off the front door so we wouldn't hear it opening and closing.

She never asked her friend for money. She didn't need to, she had money to pay us, and lied about it.

She also took a tower computer we'd lent her to get a hard drive sorted out, and two Healing stones I'd lent her for a migraine.

The name most know her by is Tyger Warren-Wilson. Whatever you do, do NOT take this girl into your house, or lend her money you can't afford to miss. You'll be taken for a ride.

She's a liar, a grifter, and dares to call herself a Witch. She's no Witch, she's a Warlock. An Oath-breaker. Damn, I hate Chaos Witches and she's one of them.

You see, her staying here was dependent on me, since I technically own the house and most of everything in it. It was MY hospitality that was extended. It was MY heart that opened and trusted her.

You don't betray someone like me and get away with it.

You don't steal a Shaman Healer's stones and get away with it.

You don't betray a Celtic HPS's heart and get away with it.

You don't steal my property and get away with it.

You can block me all you like Tyger, but that won't stop what's already headed your way. Grifter. Cheat. Liar. Oath-Breaker.

Return $500, the tower, and the Healing Stones, and your life will become infinitely more peaceful. Didn't your mother tell you to beware of the quiet ones?

You have earned the singular reward of being the first that's banned from the Temple of the Pentavalent. Oh boy, aren't you cute.

*shakes head*


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